Product Manager:Wireless Intelligence(Suzhou)


工作地点:苏州 姑苏

You will be responsible for the creation of Renogy's smart space products, focusing on user demand insights and experience, and through in-depth cooperation with the market team to improve the quality of life of independent energy space users. Use the company's internal and external resources to act quickly to provide end users with more smart products in an independent energy space.

The systemization of environmental wireless intelligence and scenario-based control services involves IoT (cloud/pipe/terminal interconnection to achieve intelligent networking and uplink delivery), AI and edge computing (local energy systems and life services and security systems). Localized control and scene-based logic drive). We need to establish an IoT platform that matches the power system and a smart home connection service with strong extension and control capabilities.

You will be responsible

1. Study smart homes, smart spaces and future independent energy user lifestyles to ensure annual product goals: conduct in-depth product market research to understand market needs and entry points, combine qualitative analysis of market and industry data, and carry out product planning and functions Selection and so on. Responsible for the company's smart space product line planning, listing and life cycle management.

2. Carry out product design and management work around product familyization and modularization: Deeply understand the company's products and smart homes, establish an ecological supply chain based on market demand and the characteristics of independent energy systems, and carry out modularization of products from planning to iteration.

3. Cooperate with the team to realize product life cycle management: do a good job in opening new product projects, leading product design and development, phased delivery and verification. Communicate with the R&D team (including front-end and back-end, Internet of Things, energy systems, etc.) or other departments of the company (design, e-commerce and business, etc.) to clarify the needs and ensure that the product is designed and implemented in accordance with the plan. Track the key development process of the product, manage the change of product definition requirements, and ensure that the product meets the planning and definition requirements.

4. Support the market to achieve goals: do a good job in product output, regularly provide product-related training to sales personnel and planning departments and provide professional and timely technical support and technical services. Assist the marketing and sales department to complete the marketing plan, market information and the sales target set by the company.

5. Pay close attention to user experience and feedback, find and solve problems in time. Track the market effect of online products, user feedback, collect and actively explore improvement needs, improve products based on data feedback, and enhance user experience.

Job requirements

1. Full-time bachelor’s degree or above, major in computer, product design, etc.

2. More than 5 years of product work experience, interactive design experience, and successful 2C product cases.

3. Familiar with the use of product tools, independently complete product design and PRD documents (including but not limited to Office, Visio, Axure, Adobe, Skech, AE, etc.).

4. Familiar with the IoT industry, understand the process and technology of software and hardware docking, and have product experience in the Internet of Things and related fields;

5. Possess good cross-regional teamwork skills, communication and collaboration skills.

6. Recognize the brand tonality, have good brand and product awareness and commercial artistic aesthetics