Product Manager -Energy Service (Suzhou)

You will be responsible for Renogy's independent energy service products, focusing on user demand insights and experience, improving existing products, planning and developing new products through in-depth cooperation with the market team. Use the company's internal and external resources to act quickly to design independent energy products that are easier to use and reliable for end users.

The physical energy system involves the related control and complete digitization of electronic appliances. The existing power system needs to solve the convenience problems (including installation/service/use,etc.) and digitization problems (including communication/interaction/coordination, etc.). Complete the battery management system (BMS) and charge management system (CMS) to achieve smarter charging/utilization and improve the convenience, stability, durability and intelligence of the power system.

You will be responsible

1. Research the development direction of independent energy storage power products to ensure annual product goals: conduct in-depth market research of products to understand market needs and entry points, combine qualitative analysis of market and industry data, and conduct product planning, function selection, etc. Responsible for the strategic product line planning, listing and life cycle management of the company’s lithium iron phosphate battery.

2. Carry out product design and management work around product familyization and modularization: deep understanding of the company's products, based on market demand, existing product single products and combination categories, combined with the ecological supply chain, and product regulation and modularization work.

3. Cooperate with the team to realize the full life cycle management of the product: do a good job in the establishment of new product projects, lead product design and development and phased delivery and verification, and cooperate with the R&D team (including structure, quality, electronics, etc.) or other departments of the company (planning, sales Etc.) Communicate clearly the requirements to ensure that the product is designed and implemented in accordance with the plan. Track the key development process of the product, manage the change of product definition requirements, and ensure that the product meets the planning and definition requirements.

4. Support the market to achieve goals: do a good job in product output, regularly provide product-related training to sales personnel and planning departments and provide professional and timely technical support and technical services. Assist the marketing and sales department to complete the marketing plan, market information and the sales target set by the company.

5. Pay close attention to user experience and feedback, find and solve problems in time. Continue to iterate around user experience and cost optimization.

Job requirements

1. Full-time bachelor’s degree or above, major in materials, energy, chemistry, chemical engineering, and electronics.

2. With 3-5 years of experience in product research and development and cooperative development of lithium battery related overseas markets, rich product line resources are preferred; 3. Familiar with overseas product ODM, OEM product development models and processes.

4. Have a strong sense of smell for the market.

5. Have a high degree of work responsibility, enterprising, good at time management, able to control the progress of multi-line work.

6. To solve problems and achieve goals as their own responsibility, think independently, and have an open mind.

7. Good teamwork spirit, able to withstand greater work pressure.

8. Optimistic collaboration, strong communication and coordination skills.